ECSE Teacher Cohort: Observational Notes

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Writing anecdotal notes is a critical element of early childhood education. We use them to monitor the progress of students in curricular goals, Early Childhood Outcomes, and IEP benchmarks. This information can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as planning for further assessment, guiding classroom projects, demonstrating developmental abilities, and supporting inclusion in your classroom. In this session we will look at the purpose for anecdotal notes, the process of writing anecdotal notes, explore the concepts of objective and subjective, practice writing anecdotal notes, and look at examples of anecdotal note systems in practice.

Becky Handler, Katie Suchy
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Early Childhood Special and General Educator, Teacher Assistant
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State Performance Plan Indicator Alignment
SPPI 7 - Early Childhood Outcomes
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Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Interactions with Children
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Personal and Professional Development