Do-It-Yourself Study Group Grant

Reimbursement Guidelines

Small groups can now apply for a grant opportunity of up to $300. The funding can be used to learn about a particular subject related to children, ages 3-6, with special needs. Family members may participate but a school district professional must be a part of the group.

You can set up a group yourself. You will need a facilitator (mandatory) and at least four members. Participants may include: parents, teachers, therapists and other support staff in Early Childhood Special Education programs. You can also invite parents and staff from state pre-kindergarten programs, Head Start, park districts, community preschools and Prevention Initiative programs. Collaboration is greatly encouraged!

When deciding on a group, you should carefully consider everyone’s needs and schedules to ensure success. Once your group is set – you can pick your topic and decide how to pursue it. Some previous topics for study have included: Assessment, autism, behavior, curriculum, family involvement, inclusion, and technology. You can tailor the topic to meet the needs of your group.

The facilitator is the key to getting things done. They help organize the group, manage the schedule, develop agendas, run the meetings and buy supplies or resource materials. They are also responsible for submitting copies of materials given to participants and meeting attendance sheets to Region II. A final report must also be submitted by May 30.

When applying for funding, you will need to include a proposed budget. You can use the grant (up to $300) to hire a speaker or buy books or materials. You will pay expenses upfront and then be reimbursed so save your receipts!

Applications are considered on an on-going basis or until all funds are allocated. Please review and follow all directions to properly complete your application. You will need to list names, phone numbers and addresses for all members and the facilitator on a separate sheet of paper.

You can apply in two easy ways:

1. Complete the online form

2. Download the PDF and email/mail