For Parents

Support & Resources

STAR NET Region II staff and resources are here to assist you. Our staff knows a child’s parents are the child’s first and primary teacher. We can share with family members the most current information about special education resources and supports, parenting information, and strategies for reinforcing concepts related to Illinois Early Learning Standards within everyday activities.

We also have the tools and resources to help you connect with the supports you need or other families who may have similar interests. Our Family Resource Specialist and our Early Childhood Resource Specialists are available to answer your questions, connect you with information and resources, and facilitate training on a topic of interest.

Funding Resources

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Financial Assistance

STAR NET Region II offers Family Fellowships to family members of young children who have IEPs.

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Support Groups

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Parent Network

When you are raising a child with developmental challenges, you may feel alone in your journey. That is why it is sometimes helpful to connect with other parents or families who can relate to your particular circumstances.

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News for Parents

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Current Topics & Trends

Look here for recent news, information, and events which may be of interest to families!

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General Information

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Your Child & Special Education Services & Supports

Here are some great places to find useful information regarding supporting young children with special education needs.

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ECSE Family Professional Development Specialist

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Your first point of contact for assistance from STAR NET Regional II

The STAR NET Region II Family Resource Specialist is able to provide you with specific information and resources to help you in navigating access to special education resources and supports.

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Assistance on Request

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Consultation & Support

Our experienced staff is here to assist professionals and parents with a variety of resources for every stage and level of a child’s development, focusing on the early childhood years.

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