FAMILIES! Transforming Aggressive Behaviors [CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE]

Webinar, Family Event
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6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
6:15 PM - 6:30 PM

                                       ** This event is being presented thanks to a generous grant from the TJ Maxx Foundation.

                                                                             No CEs will be provided for attending. **


There is a way to permanently change children’s behaviors, even the most challenging children with diverse needs and abilities. Children must be both “willing” to learn how to behave and must know the “skills” of how to successfully interact with others. By addressing both of these dimensions, we can achieve success with our most demanding children. Learn the skills needed transform your aggressive and defiant children into cooperative members of your learning community. In this workshop you will gain a toolbox of skills necessary to identify, meet, and manage your most difficult children

Learner objectives

- Use strategies that literally “wire” their brain for self-control for the rest of their lives to support our children who are struggling to change their behavior from hurtful to helpful.
- Take daily conflicts (hitting, tattling, name calling) and turn these moments into teaching opportunities.
- Create an environment where even the most aggressive children are accepted and included as valuable members.
- Implement strategies to transform aggression into cooperation and resistance into compliance.

6:30-7 Brain info
7-7:30 Steps on how to get out of a power struggle
7:30-8:15 Steps to prevent power struggles
8:15-8:30 Q&A

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