It All Makes Sense...Numeracy Learning for All Young Learners

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What does teaching number sense actually entail? How can you be sure you are optimizing your time in the inclusive early childhood classroom to build a strong foundation of numeracy for all young learners? This webinar will focus on breaking number sense down into three big ideas, using evidence based resources. Within each big idea, a variety of strategies and activities will be shared to ensure you are providing the most relevant and rigorous math experiences for your students. Emphasis will be placed on differentiating math strategies and accommodations for building number sense for all learners, including preschoolers with disabilities. Subitizing, number talks, and math stories are just a few of the many activities we will dig deeper into with a specific emphasis on why they are important and how they build number sense.

Learner objectives

1. Learners will gain knowledge about breaking number sense down into big ideas.

2. Learners will implement strategies and activities in order to strengthen students' number sense.

3. Learners will discuss strategies and accommodations for providing an environment that builds numeracy skills for all learners, including preschoolers with disabilities.

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Administrator, Early Childhood Special and General Educator, Teacher Assistant
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