Learning through Books and Songs - Gracias, Sr. Panda - A Family Event Presented in Spanish

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6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
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Join us as we read and explore the book "Thank you Mr. Panda/"Gracias Sr. Panda" in this family event presented in Spanish. In a humorous and gentle way, "Thank you Mr. Panda/"Gracias Sr. Panda" teaches children positive social interactions. An important part of successful early childhood education is creating an environment in which all students feel that they are part of the whole school community. A sense of belonging strengthens every student’s self-image and self-esteem, motivation, level of achievement, and general behavior. Join us with your children for an hour of early literacy and music with Alina and Hamlet, as they show how positive social interactions can be taught using a simple story of not-quite-perfect gift-giving, with an emphasis on kindness.

Learner objectives

Teaching children about positive social interactions.

Creating an environment in which everyone feel they are a part of the whole school community.

Helping children strengthen their self-image and self-esteem

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