Client Connections

“I feel supported! I love knowing that the team at STAR NET is there to support me and to answer any questions that I have. I love their desire/willingness to gather feedback about ways to improve. I love how they bring staff together to talk about important and relevant matters related to EC.”

“I would just like to say thank you! Early childhood is so different than the rest of the district so STAR NET provides supports and collaboration that is relevant and helpful that I cannot get within my district. It provides me with the tools and resources to advocate for my school and students.”

“I so appreciate the fact that when I have a question about anything STAR NET is always there to help. In the past few years I have asked for them to come and give professional development to my staff and it has been awesome! The staff is so helpful! I can only thank them for the continued support!”

Parent Testimonials

"STAR NET has been a wonderful resource to help our family advocate for our daughter with Down syndrome. I loved the large variety of courses they offer, especially the ones on how to write an IEP and those geared towards families. They also have a wonderful array of courses for professionals who work with young children. I appreciate that they were always open for family members as well. I often went to courses geared towards professionals so that I could take the information back to our IEP team. Not only did I gain a great deal of information at these sessions, I was able to network and make many connections along the way. Every time we encountered a new challenge at school or home, I would make sure to attend the next STAR NET session that addressed this. If it wasn’t for the free learning opportunities through STAR NET, I would have felt a lot more lost."

"STAR NET promotes a learning culture that focuses on inclusion. They have a vision for every child regardless of their ability. They continuously develop new strategies to bridge the gap between parents and administration. Our family greatly benefited from the support this wonderful organization has provided. Our daughter Veronica is now included in her first grade dual language Spanish classroom. Her unique needs are addressed throughout her day. She is in the same program her older brothers were involved in. Thank you STAR NET we couldn’t have done it without your support."