Unlocking Potential: Maximize Inclusion with the Power of Visual Aides

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Children are concrete learners, and we understand that utilizing vocabulary alongside hands-on experiences aids in contextual understanding. However, how does this apply in less structured settings like stories or conversations? Visuals play a crucial role in providing all children including those with and without disabilities, with access to essential vocabulary, facilitating the ability for everyone to participate, and reducing the cognitive load to allow their full potential to flourish. This webinar will feature various examples illustrating the use of visuals in diverse contexts, incorporating real classroom instances to inspire ideas for implementation in your own early childhood special education and blended classrooms. Additionally, links to the visuals I have already created will be provided.


Learner objectives

1 - Develop an understanding of the importance of combining vocabulary with hands-on experiences to enhance contextual learning for concrete learners.

2 - Explore the role of visuals in less structured settings such as stories and conversations, recognizing their significance in providing inclusive access to essential vocabulary and promoting active participation among all children.

3 - Gain practical insights and inspiration for implementing visual aids in the classroom by examining real-life examples and scenarios, supplemented with access to existing visual resources for immediate application.

Intended audience
Early Childhood Special and General Educator, Speech/Language Therapist, Teacher Assistant
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State Performance Plan Indicator Alignment
SPPI 7 - Early Childhood Outcomes
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Early Literacy, Interactions with Children
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Interactions, Relationships and Environments