Using Classroom Books to Target Speech and Language Skill: A Versatile Tool for SLPs

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This workshop will provide examples and ideas for creating, using, and sustaining classroom books for the preschool classroom. The ideas will cover ideas for creating classroom books that utilize students photos, classroom photos, favorite stories, favorite themes, and student descriptions and ideas. The workshop will detail ways that different classroom books can be utilized to target specific language skills including, speech sound production, correct use of pronouns, grammatical expansion, and formulating and responding to questions. Ideas and examples of how to encourage children to use the books independently and how to utilize the books during whole-group and small group instruction will be discussed.

Learner objectives

Examine strategies and supports to integrate therapy services into the daily classroom routines of the preschool classroom through the use of classroom books.

Provide ideas to create classroom books using student photos, ideas, and contributions that can be used to target specific speech and language skills

Provide ideas to allow for carryover of speech and language skills using classroom books including ways to expand language, increase use of descriptive words to describe pictures, respond to questions from adults and peers regarding items and topics in the books. These strategies can support students with IEPs and also for children without IEPs.

Intended audience
Early Childhood Special and General Educator, Speech/Language Therapist, Teacher Assistant
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State Performance Plan Indicator Alignment
SPPI 7 - Early Childhood Outcomes
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Early Literacy, Interactions with Children, Special Needs/Inclusion
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Interactions, Relationships and Environments