Funding Resources

Financial Assistance

STAR NET Region II offers Family Fellowships to family members of young children aged 2 through 6 who have IFSPs or IEPs. These funds may be used to offset the costs of attending trainings or conferences on topics which will assist family members in supporting their child’s learning and development. Eligible expenses which will be considered for Family Fellowships include: Conference or workshop registration fees, travel to the workshop/conference location, childcare expenses associated with attending the event, and meals and hotel when applicable. Strong preference is given to in-state events.

In order to be considered for this funding, the family must live in the STAR NET Region II geographic area, have a preschool/kindergarten age child who has an IFSP or IEP, and be pre-approved by STAR NET to utilize these funds up to $200 per fiscal year per family. Reimbursement happens once the family member completes a STAR NET Funding Evaluation form and receipts are submitted.

See Funding Opportunities for additional information and the Family Fellowship application.